Trikatu medicine suppliers & exporter in Chandigarh, India


Trikatu medicine suppliers & exporter in Chandigarh, India. Trikatu (meaning 3 spices) is a herbal mixture of three different herbs all taken in equal quantities. The three herbs used in Trikatu are Black Pepper or Kali Mirch(Piper nigrum), Long Pepper or Pippali(Piper longum) and Ginger or Saunth(Zingiber officinale). It is safe digestive carminative, antiflatulent, natural appetiser, reduces excessive body weight. Trikatu is useful for obesity, weak digestion, hi cholesterol, hi tri glycerides, hypothyroid, slow metabolism, congestion, cough, edema, sinus congestion, roughness of voice, relaxed sore throat, disorders of the urinary system.

Benefits of Trikatu

Trikatu is Digestive and Carminative.

It is an anti-flatulent and is effective in dyspepsia.

Helpful as Natural Appetite Suppresant so in indigestion

Helpful in abdominal gas

Helps to restore lipids and cholesterols levels in the body

Beneficial in pain and inflammation

Helpful as an anti-obesity drug

Shivalik Trikatu contains pure and concentrated mixture of Kali Mirch,

Pippali & Saunth

Dosage: One capsule thrice a day.

Package: 60 capsules of 500mg each

Shivalik is another herbal manufacturing unit of RSM group.